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The fully electric, solar equipped, high roof campervan that lets you explore greener than ever. 


Grounded G1 campervan.485.png


We've partnered with RVshare to offer a seamless and sustainable renting experience, all from $199 per night. You can pick up your Grounded G1 from our Charging station at Newlab @ Michigan Central, Detroit.


Interested in getting a G1 all to yourself forever? Reserve today with a $100 refundable deposit. You'll be able to specify the layout of your G1 at a later date.

$125,000 purchase price

  • Up to 108 miles of range

  • Remotely controllable electronics & appliances, with 640 watts of solar to charge up

  • Queen-sized bed

  • Bench seating with pull-out table

  • Kitchen with fridge/freezer, sink, and induction stove

  • Garage and overhead storage

  • Outdoor shower

  • Dry-flush toilet

  • Delivered in 2023

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The Grounded G1 is built on top of the Ford E-Transit platform.

By making a reservation, you are accepting the Preorder Agreement.

Not ready to make a deposit but want to learn more?

Reach out to

Limitless layout stills.440.png

The Grounded G1 boasts a revolutionary modular interior furniture system that provides ultimate flexibility and comfort. Our high-quality materials allow you to easily transform your campervan layout to suit your needs, whether you need extra seating, a dining area, or a comfortable bed for a good night's sleep. Our innovative manufacturing system allows all of this to happen without the high cost and long wait times of bespoke builds.




You can select exactly which furniture components you want in your van, allowing us to construct your perfect interior piece by piece. We're happy to offer advice throughout this process to ensure you get the best possible layout for your needs. To prolong the lifespan of your campervan, we also offer a refitting service, where we can swap out components in your existing G1 to reinvent the vehicle as your needs change. This can be anything from extra beds for a growing family, to different storage options as you pick up new hobbies, or even a redesigned dining area as you become the social hosts of your campsite.



Our extensive library of components enables a near-infinite amount of layout customisation, giving you the freedom to create a personalized living area that suits your lifestyle. Our modular furniture system also allows for more efficient use of space, ensuring that you have plenty of room to move around and store your gear. You can create your own unique configuration to suit your needs, whether you're looking for more storage, a larger bed, or a dedicated workspace.



The Grounded G1 features cutting-edge integrated electronics and proprietary software that enhance your camping experience. We've included countless sensors in the vehicle to ensure our connected software is always accurate when you use it to control your surroundings, view usage patterns, and diagnose potential issues. This software will also learn how you use your vehicle over time, and can optimise and improve your experience as well as extend the lifespan of your vehicle through over-the-air updates.


The Grounded G1 is powered by the built in Ford high voltage battery that provides reliable and sustainable power for your electric adventures. The battery delivers  108 miles of range, reducing your carbon footprint and promoting a cleaner environment.

Additionally, Grounded adds in a house battery module in customizable power sizes to power the on board appliances. The house battery can be charged from solar panels, from the high voltage vehicle battery, or from shore power. The house and high voltage battery systems are bi-directional, so you can either charge the house battery from the vehicle battery, or, if you're in a pinch, charge up some of the vehicle battery from the house battery.



When it's time to charge your G1, you have access to a national network of vehicle chargers. You can use the Ford charging network, Tesla charging network, Electrify America network, public EV chargers, and even charge at campsites and RV parks with lower amp chargers. You can also charge at home, either by plugging into the mains or by installing a home charging point for faster charging time. Whatever you choose, worrying about where to next top up the battery on your road trip is a thing of the past.



The Grounded G1 is equipped with advanced solar panels for a sustainable off-grid adventure. Our panels generate enough power to keep your lights on, appliances running, and devices charged without relying on fossil fuels or electricity from the grid. Plus, they reduce your carbon footprint and promote a cleaner environment, allowing you to travel for longer periods and save money on energy bills.

With the Grounded G1, you can explore the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort or sustainability. Our high-quality solar panels provide a durable, efficient, and easy to use solution for a fully powered campervan experience, wherever your journey takes you.

Grounded G1 campervan.482.png


Owners of the Grounded G1 can enhance their experience by using the Grounded+ app. The Grounded+ app gives owners of Grounded vehicles an instant overview of their vehicle. You can control the lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems in your campervan, monitor fuel and water levels, and access real-time location and driving data. You can even check your vehicles battery status, control appliances, and get tips on how to maximise power, all while away from the vehicle.


Secure one of the first Grounded G1 campervans by placing a fully refundable $100 deposit today.

By making a reservation, you are accepting the Preorder Agreement.

Not ready to make a deposit but want to learn more?

Reach out to

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